Life and Protection Policies
Think you're invincible.....?
  • Have you thought about what impact it would have if your income were to stop?
  • How would this affect your life and your family's life?
  • Would your family be secure financially if you were to die or suffer a serious illness?
  • Do you know what your current arrangements would actually provide?

Why not try our risk reality calculator to see what the chances of the unthinkable happening? Don't leave it to chance, protect yourself today! 

KBA FS Ltd offer advice on a range of protection solutions to suit all needs. We can review your exsiting arrangements to ensure they are still meeting your requirements and advise you on any options which may be available.

In an ever changing world it is worth having these arrangements reviewed on a regular basis. You review your home insurance, car insurance, mobile phone contracts to ensure you have the best deals and the latest models, why not review your Protection policies to ensure that is the case also?

Advances in medicine are occuring all the time which means that providers are constantly updating their plans to ensure the client has the best cover. 

If the worst was to happen and you were diagnosed with a serious illness, wouldnt you want to know you had a dedicated adviser at the end of the phone to help with to deal with any insurance claims so that you dont have to worry about it?

That is the type of service you get from KBA FS Ltd when we look after all your protection needs. 

We specialise in advising you based on your personal circumstances to ensure that both yours and your family's future is protected regardless of what the future may hold.

“The Good That Financial Advisers Do”.

A story from one of our clients about how she ended up claiming on her critical illness and the life changing impact it has had.

To ensure you and your family are protected contact KBA on 01942 889883.

Here's a great video from one of our partners, Zurich about the benefits of Protection. Protection comes in many forms, Life cover, Critical illness, Income Protection and Accident Protection.