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Pensions for Directors


If you are the director of a company, your financial planning needs may be more sophisticated and you may therefore want a bespoke solution tailored for you. You may want to utilise your business to fund your retirement planning in a tax efficient way and be concerned about how this ties in with your business planning and personal planning.

We offer individual pensions advice for directors using a more sophisticated investment platform to help you achieve your goals. This could be a Personal Pension environment or a Self Invested Personal Pension for more sophisticated or property needs.

We believe that every part of your financial planning is interlinked, so we use the latest software to ensure that your Pension Planning ties in with your overall plan. We ensure you are maximising allowances available to you in areas such as ‘carry forward’ and that your pensions and other investments are aligned with your needs.

We can analyse legacy pensions from other companies and include them in the financial forecast to see how the whole plan ties together on your quest for financial independence.