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Company Pension Schemes


Since the introduction of auto enrolment in 2012, every company is expected by law to have a pension scheme by 2018. For auto enrolment services, we refer to Johnson Fleming for their expertise in this market.


For larger schemes, we work with two Group Personal Pension Specialists, Aegon Scottish Equitable and Scottish Widows.

We also provide information only, generic pension seminars for our corporate clients that are using other auto enrolment solutions or managing the scheme in-house. The aim of these seminars is to provide the employees with a face-to-face time with a pensions expert to help explain what the employer cannot.

Every person should pay into their company pension scheme to ensure they gain valuable benefits offered by the employer contributions and tax relief on the contributions also. This should be the first port of call for your pension planning.

We can offer individual advice to the members around their overall financial planning and also with regards to any legacy company pension schemes.