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At Retirement



Lucky you! Its finally time to ensure some well earned you time and do the things you've hopefully been planning for. Retirement is something we all look forward to but what it looks like is different for everyone. What to do about retirement income is one of the biggest choices you will ever make and it is vital that you get it right as your income may need to last for 10, 20 or 30 years. 

Our advisers can help you with those decisions and ensure you make an informed choice about the best option for you. 

- What income do you need in retirement?

- Do you need any capital for any expenditure such as home improvements, holidays or a new car?

- What savings have you got? Are they inflation proof?

- Do you need a guaranteed income or something more flexible?

- Do you understand the risk involved in different types of assets?

- Are you worried about how your needs will change as you get older?

- Do you have an inheritance tax problem that you need to plan for?

These are just some of the questions that you need to consider as you approach retirement. Sitting down with a retirement planning specialist and looking at your financial future can be a great comfort to people approaching retirement. Having someone tell you that you are going to be ok and to ask your questions to can put your mind at rest. 

The needs of people in retirement are different to the working population and its vital to take advice in this area to ensure you are getting the most of your assets and your options. 

Call KBA today to book an appointment with one of our advisers. 

Enhanced Annuities

Enhanced Annuities

An Enhanced Annuity pays a higher income in retirement if you have a medical condition that may reduce your life expectancy.

Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown is a more flexible alternative to the traditional annuity route, offering greater choice and control for many people.

Your Retirement options

Your Retirement options

On 6 April 2015 new pension rules came into force, giving you much greater flexibility over how you use your pension savings and the options you have in retirement.