KBA was recommended to me by my solicitor and from the very first meeting I was confident that this was a firm that would have my best interests at heart.


Sarah carefully assessed my situation and established what was important for me and my family. Everything I asked for was delivered & explained clearly at each stage and the outcome is perfect for my needs.


KBA FS Ltd dealt with all of my paperwork and liaised with my solicitor to make the process as simple as possible. I had as many meetings as I needed with Sarah to ensure I was comfortable with the decisions and she also liaised with my daughter to discuss what she was advising me to do and ensure my family understood what I had done. I had multiple accounts and investments which my late husband had managed prior to his death and Sarah and the team helped to simplify them into arrangements I could understand and felt comfortable with, particularly in terms of risk.


We discussed other areas such as my inheritance tax planning and what my plans were going forward and the need to keep things flexible just in case I made any big decisions in the future. Sarah also made a note of any gifts that I have made and the decisions I made in terms of powers of attorney should they need to have discussions with them in the future.


The setup that resulted matches my cautious approach to investing, in a tax efficient simple structure that starts to have an impact for my future plans and any potential inheritance tax but also means I don’t have to complete any tax returns.


I am very happy with the service I received from KBA & would highly recommend them.


Mary Hamblett