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Our Values

KBA Fs Ltd’s philosophy is to Help People.

What does this mean in relation to:

  • Our Clients: We want to help our clients live the best life that they can. That means help them to reach financial independence, whatever that means to each individual, putting them in touch with key contacts that can help them with their mission and ensuring that they stay on track and guiding them not to do something that would be detrimental. We believe that lifestyle and financial decisions are interlinked and we want to help our clients make good decisions to help them on that journey.
  • Our Employees: We want our employees to enjoy their work, to engage with their colleagues and love our clients. We want our employees to reach their potential and live a life of significance. We want to help our employees reach financial independence but enjoy their work so that it is a pleasure to work and not a chore. We believe in helping our team realise their dreams as well as them helping our clients to realise theirs.
  • Our Social Responsibility: We believe in giving something back to society. This means that we like to engage with both local and national charities, community and events to help make a difference where possible. We do this on both a company level and an individual level to engage with causes close to our heart.