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KBA FS Ltd - Support Practice Financial Advisers (PFAs) Can Expect from KBA FS

KBA FS provides PFAs with services, support and remuneration which enables them to achieve their professional and lifestyle goals by working with and helping clients meet their financial planning objectives.

Our Membership of the Openwork network

KBA is an appointed representative of Openwork Ltd, one of the UK’s largest networks of advisory practices.

Openwork has the expertise and commercial scale to create a proposition that gives our clients great choice, superb value-for-money and access to recognised brands and world-famous investment managers. They have vetted and selected a wide range of companies providing financial products and investment opportunities for us to work with when advising our clients.

Openwork also provides us with business support and related services which enable us to deliver the quality of advice we want to offer to clients and the quality of support we want to offer advisers who work with us. They have a very proactive, positive and open relationship with the FCA, which creates a solid regulatory foundation upon which we have built a growing, successful and highly renowned practice

Modern Premises, Systems and Outlook
  • Our premises are bright, modern and a great environment in which to work with colleagues and meet clients
  • PFAs benefit from the facilities in our offices, which include stationery, desk space, meeting rooms and nice people!
  • Full kitchen and showering facilities for those who exercise during work hours or on their way to work.
  • The people with whom we work best are those who take their work seriously, but enjoy what they do.
Contractual Clarity
  • We will set down in writing all the important details of how we and PFAs agree to work together.
  • This includes details of remuneration levels and the quality and productivity standards to which we all work.
  • We promise prompt and accurate payment of remuneration due to you once per month.
Administration Support
  • Dedicated team of administrators who
  • prepare packs for first meetings with clients
  • scan essential documentation onto a centralised system
  • support new business illustration production
  • help with new business processing and submission
  • field calls from clients and deal with routine enquiries wherever possible
  • preparation of materials for ongoing client service events.
Regulatory Support
  • You will benefit from CPD opportunities courtesy of Openwork events and workshops
  • Arrangements will be made to provide you with regulatory supervision at a level appropriate to your status
  • Openwork operates a Training & Competence Scheme which provides a range of licensing courses
Technical Support
  • Individual and group meetings during which the network, industry and regulatory information will be shared in order to maintain your awareness of key issues and changes relevant to your role.
  • Updates and information relating to known and emerging technicalities surrounding the delivery of expert advice which helps clients make well-informed decisions
Marketing Support
  • Proactive digital and social media e.g. regular Blogs, Facebook updates etc
  • Openwork’s online Smarthub provides exclusive content such as sales aids, client guides and branded materials
  • Access to leads generated by campaigns run centrally by the business
  • Local marketing and awareness initiatives
Business Development Support
  • Meetings to discuss your plans with a director
  • Each adviser receives support via Openwork via ongoing development programme through a range of workshops
  • Opportunities to generate leads from our “orphan” client bank
  • Client meeting facilities in City of London
  • Use of latest financial planning tools and technology Voyant/Timeline/Client database system etc.
  • Weekly adviser training & development meetings
Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Our business benefits from PI cover arranged through the Openwork Franchise Indemnity arrangement (comprehensive complaint management), which includes guaranteed run-off cover.