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Welcome to KBA FS Ltd
Helping our clients reach Financial Independence and ensuring they stay there by turning 'Complexity into Simplicity' and making sure the 'Money Outlives the People".

KBA FS Ltd specialises in helping clients through the financial life cycle, whether that be through mortgages, planning for retirement, university fees, personal investments, wealth management or protecting their assets, families and businesses. 

For our Corporate clients and SME's we help our clients to ensure their businesses and families are protected in the event of death, illness or loss of a key person. We also help to set up company pension schemes, directors pensions, SIPPs and advise on investments for the corporate sector. We work as an introducer to a number of companies for commercial finance.

Having been in the industry since 1987 we have first hand experience of the changing world and how it can affect our clients in the long term and this experience is something we bring into the plan. 

We are specialists in cashflow forecasting with our team members being some of the leading trainers of the software for Financial Planners across the UK. We use this range of market leading tools to guide our clients towards their goals and help them to visualise not only what that will look like but which other scenarios there may be to consider, what shortfalls there may be and what obstacles might stand in their way. 

We believe in Lifestyle Financial Planning and that everything starts with the quest and the Vision of Financial Independence. We then use our technical knowledge and skills to help our clients reach that goal. 

What are your aspirations for the future? For your retirement? Have you thought about how your family or business would cope financially if you weren't there? Will your children be able to get on the property ladder in the future?

We have a team of advisers which means we can specialise in a number of areas, one of which is the Financial Planning after the loss of a loved one. This sensitive area of financial planning is one of our most valuable and we work with clients on a hand holding basis where necessary to ensure they are comfortable with whatever the future looks like now, whether that be after the loss of a spouse or other person close to you. 

Financial Planning is never straight forward and everyone's circumstances are different so why not take advantage of a financial review at our expense and get acquainted with one of our advisers to put your mind at ease that you are heading in the right direction.

Contact us now on the main offiice number of 01942 889883 to speak to one of the team or send us an email to info@kbafinancial.com. Our office numbers for the Cheshire and London Offices are on the right hand side.

We look forward to helping you realise what's possible.